CBX Courier, CBX IVR, CBX Messenger

Automates delivery of an interactive pre-recorded message to your prospects and clients!


Full featured IVR that integrates
with most switches and
analog phone lines


Plays an agent's optimized message on answering machines to facilitate more calls and efficiency.


CBX Messenger

Plays an agent’s optimized message on answering machines to facilitate more calls and efficiency

CBX Messenger is a multi-functional product designed to handle all of your automated voice messenger needs. Messenger can integrate with Northern Telecomm, Avaya, Siemans, Nortel, Rolm, and Mitel. The system can be used as well on plain telephone lines without any switch intervention. The product contains two distinct modules.

CBX Messenger is designed for the call center that wishes to avoid time wasting activities such as an agent leaving messages on answering machines.

When a caller hears an answering machine they can transfer the call to Messenger. Messenger will then leave a distinctive message in the agent’s own voice. The system can leave different messages for different campaigns as well.

The system can be integrated into almost any call center package that has the ability to initiate a call transfer. Messenger uses a unique software technology to detect the end of the called parties outgoing message so that a complete message is left as soon as the “Beep” is heard.

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