How We Started

The founders of CBX Systems had been consultants in the telecommunications industry for over twenty years helping companies in all industries to plan, design, implement, and support all aspects of the communications needs. Over time they had developed a specialty in the creation of call centers for marketing, sales, support, and fulfillment. The management had been selling and supporting third party applications to their customers depending on what best fit their needs.

What became evident was the fact that no software offered in the marketplace delivered what our clients wanted:

So three years ago, we decided to create a suite of applications that achieved all these goals ourselves. Our aim was to create a Windows Server, browser based system that worked on a variety of switches such as Nortel, Mitel, Avaya, and others and uses the hardware of Intel Dialogics to offer the best collaboration of telecom infrastructure available. We didn’t stop there. CBX used its telecom savvy and consulting history to engineer a system that customers could easily self-manage and grow effectively. Most importantly, the system would take the call center agents work flow and offer improvements that created efficiency and time and cost benefits.

What we deliver is a best in breed program that combines our understanding of call center functionality, telecom infrastructure, and reliability in a Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 Server environment. The benefit to our customers has been a successful deployment of a suite of call center applications that provides a timely return on investment and savings in time, management, and customer expansion.

CBX Systems was founded in 1998 with the idea that there was a market for a cost-effective and reliable Computer Telephony solution that would integrate with the major phone switches without costing our clients a small fortune.

Recent technology has produced a hardware that provides computer telephony functionality at a reasonable cost. Functions such as Voice Mail, Automated Messenger, Interactive Voice Response Units and Complete Telecenter Dialer and Management systems are now available on the Intel-based desktop and server class computer level.

The secret is in the software. Many vendors have been offering systems tailored to the high-budget corporate client. Even though the cost of this equipment has dropped dramatically, many vendors continue to offer their systems at the higher prices targeting only enterprise wide customers.

CBX Systems offer enhanced functionality, easier end-user management and superior reporting all at significantly lower prices. Regardless of your telephony hardware budget, paying less for identical hardware and functionality is always the goal.

At CBX Systems, we feel it is critical that our clients have a system that improves revenues and reduces expense while also being technically sound. We strongly advocate the principal that the client can then manage the systems in-house.